Modelarstwo #46

Reviewed August 2013
by Timothy Dike
Polish Ship Modeling Magazine Modelarstwo issue number 46 is out. This one features the HMS Albatross, a British seaplane tender from 1942. It is drawn in 1/200 scale as well as some color profiles showing the camouflage worn. 3d renderings of the  french seaplane Loire 130M. Catapult renderings should prove helpful for the modeler. 
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Also featured is the British seaplanes tender HMS "RAK ROYAL" from 1915 drawn in 1/400 scale. There are also a number of kit reviews and models featured with photos. 

While most of you probably don't read Polish, this well illustrated magazine is still a great value. The detailed drawings and illustrations are reason enough to subscribe or at least order back issues like this one. Contact for subscription details and receive a reply in english.