Modelarstwo #44

Reviewed April 2013
by Timothy Dike
Here's a look at the new Polish Ship Modeling Magazine Modelarstwo issue. This one features a gorgeous USS Langley on the cover in her prewar colors. Within the pages are the usual reviews of new products on the market. A look at the Modern German U-boat U33 in photos and 1/144 scale drawings should prove to be an invaluable resource to the modeler. The german FL 22 catapult with an Arado Ar 196 is presented in rendered CAD with detailed drawings and photos for reference.  The four masted Carrack Venice is the subject of the other plans and they are nicely drawn in 1/100 scale. 
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While most of you probably don't read Polish, this well illustrated magazine is still a great value. The detailed drawings and illustrations are reason enough to subscribe or at least order back issues like this one. Contact for subscription details and receive a reply in english.