Modelarstwo #43

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Polish Ship Modeling Magazine Modelarstwo #43 came out a couple of months ago. Like the earlier issues, this one is packed with high quality photos, 3D renderings, and nice line drawings. There are also kit reviews, and hobby news. I so wish there was and English language option for this magazine as the selection of subjects is quite good. 

Among the ships featured is the Portuguese Sailing ship from the mid sixteenth century, the British Minelayer HMS Manxmann as fitted in 1942. and Jim Baumann's Jean d' Arc.

The drawings include the Italian battleship "DANDOLO" from 1900 drawn in 1/400 scale. Also featured is the Polish rocket boat proj. 660 ORP "ORKAN" in 1/50 scale with lots of photos to back it up. The plans open up to about 22" x 34" and include a multitude of details and views perfect for the scratchbuilder.

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A regular feature is the ship equipment section, this time with 3D and line drawings of Japanese Optical and Range finding instruments from WW2.

Even if you don't read Polish, this is still a great magazine to subscribe to. The photos and plans are very high quality and should provide you with all kinds of modeling ideas. I hope that someday an English supplement can be included so I can read along as well. Until then, I will just enjoy looking at the fine images. 

You can order single issues or buy a subscription. Details are on the Modelarstwo website. You can email direct to and receive a reply in english.