Modelarstwo #40

Reviewed June 2015
by Timothy Dike
Polish Ship Modeling Magazine Modelarstwo issue number 40 has been ouf for a while, but is still available if you missed it. It features the British heavy cruiser HMS Sussex County class from 1942 with  photos and plans drawn in 1/200 scale. The plans include the traditional plan an elevation views along with hull lines, deck levels and equipment details. Also featured is the French battleship RMS "Redoubtable" from 1881 in drawn in 1/400 scale.

In the ship the equipment section drawings and 3D renderings of the Soviet double 12.7 MM and 14.5 MM antiaircraft guns are shown from every angle. In the technology section a tutorial on turning to the plan drawings into CAD models is illustrated.

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There are more photos including new product reviews and model photos to enjoy. 
If you're working on any of the subjects of this magazine, then you will find this magazine and plans to be most helpful. While most of you probably don't read Polish, this well illustrated magazine is still a great value. The detailed drawings and illustrations are reason enough to subscribe or at least order back issues like this one. Contact for subscription details and receive a reply in english.