Iowa in 3D

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
March 2013
The latest in the Kagero 3D series is the USS Iowa modeled in 1944. Like the other books, this one includes historical and technical background on the ship. The real benefit of the book is the wealth of three dimensional views showing the ship from just about every angle you can imagine. The renderings are photo realistic and not only give you a close up look at the details Item's like the big SK-1 radar, the searchlights, and MK-51 directors are an invaluable reference to the  modeler. The only thing I saw that did not look right was the deck planking edge treatment. There should be a border board that runs along the edges.
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Also included are several line drawings showing the ship in a more conventional way. These are well done and also are shown in a variety of views that show everything including a lot of the detail items. 

Another great 3D reference book, this one will be a hit with the Iowa class fans. If your planning a scratchbuild, or super detail project, I highly recommend this book. It's like eye candy for the modeler!

This is #16 in the series, The Battleship USS iowa for €18.07 from the publisher. You can also order this new book from MMD Squadron or Casemate Publishing.