Haruna in 3D
by Waldemar Goralski
and Miroslaw Skwiot

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
February 2013
The Haruna was a Japanese Battlecruiser or Fast Battleship of the Kongo class that saw action in two world wars and participated in most actions of WW2. The ship was rebuilt into a Battleship before the war and it is in her late war October 44  configuration that the author has chosen to model the ship in a fully rendered photo realistic super detailed CAD model. The detail is amazing with even the smallest parts modeled. 
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Note only is the ship superbly rendered, but there is also some good background info on the ships with several pages of specifications.
The ship is show in all the standard views such as plan and elevation views. But what is really helpful are the many views taken from all over the ship, that show those hard to see details such as the bracing under the platforms, and views only possible to get if you were actually on the ship. 

To supplement the CAD renderings, there are some really nice line drawings showing deck levels, and views of the major superstructure sections. A portion of the fold out line drawings are shown on the right. These will be especially helpful to the modeler or scratchbuilder. 

If your building a model of the Haruna or one of her sisters, this is a must have reference to have. The 3D is very well executed and there is virtually no spot on the ships exterior that is not covered in this Softcover 8-1/4" x 11-1/2" book. List price is very reasonable at  $22.95.

You can order this new book direct from the Kagero or from MMD Squadron or Casemate Publishing.

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