Japanese Destroyer Akitzuki in 3D

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
September 2013
The big ships get a lot of attention with modelers. So it's good to see the subject of this new Kagero 3D book is the IJN DD Akitzuki. Written and illustrated by Mariusz Motyka and Tukasz Stach this book features the same stunning 3D illustrations and sharp plans we have grown accustomed to. The ship is shown in her 1942 fit when she was fighting in and around the Solomon Isles. . 

The book begins with some information about the ship design and her operational history. But the real meat of this publication is the wonderfully rendered 3D views showing the ship in everything from the standard plan and elevation views to perspective views from near and far. There are plenty of close-ups that show how the torpedoes were loaded and launched. There are close ups showing the bridge and mast with rigging shown. Little items like the little gutters that run along the ship edge and funnel water off the linoleum decks are one of those things overlooked by modelers. 

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A nice color center fold can be removed and displayed as a poster along with the other plan inserts. Those include 1/200 scale drawings in the traditional plan and elevation, but also with section views of the superstructure and perspective views of the overall ship. Weapons drawings of the various types are also included. 

Another stunning release from Kagero No matter what the scale you are working on, this book will help you superdetail you kit to the next level. You can order this new book direct from the Publisher or from MMD Squadron or Casemate Publishing.

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