Eaglewall's TableTop Navy
by Donald D. Hood
cover art
Here's a blast from the past.  This new book by Donald Hood takes us on a trip down memory lane with a look at Eagle's 1/1200 scale plastic model ships. These kits produced by Eaglewall Plastics, LTD were primitive by today's standards, but the state of the art when they were produced. The author gives us a history of how the company came into being. Vulcan, Pyro and Eagle magazine are topics covered. 

There are quite a few illustrations showing some of the kit contents and even some built examples of them. What I found the most fascinating was the collection of promotional material that shows how these kits were marketed. Box art is another feature in this book and many of the box tops are featured.

The book is 136 pages in a hard back 8.5x11 inch format. There are  over 100 photos and drawings. Many of the photos are in color. If your a collector or just someone who is fascinated by the early years of modeling, this book is for you. 

Eaglewall's TableTop Navy by Donald D. Hood from Chris Daley Publishing is ISBN 978-0-9841267-3-6  Check out the publishers website, daleypublishing.com for more details. You can get a copy from 1250ships.com, Morning Sunshine Models, or Amazon.com.

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