In Their Own Words...

Stories as told by those who were there.

Unless you've experienced naval combat firsthand, no words can express the emotions that are felt. These are not old salt's tales of the high seas. These are stories of actual events, by the people who were there. These are things we should be reading about in the history books. If you have a story to share, please contact us. Please keep in mind the purpose of this page. I will let the stories explain that purpose.

Air Attack on the USS San Francisco November 12, 1942 by Lieutenant John Wallace

The Last days of the USS Cushing DD376 Nov. 1942 by George E. Burghardt (01/20/04)

Pearl Harbor and the HMS Warspite - as told by Gerald L. Reese (11/11/03)

Those Damned Kamikazes - as told by Louis P. Swan, USS Hughes (9/16/03)

The Other 9/11 - as told by Frank Romano, USS Savannah (9/11/03)

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