USS Kidd Walk Around

by Dale Haskin

USS Kidd DD661 is a museum ship based in Baton Rouge, LA. The Kidd is a late war Fletcher Class, but it is configured and painted as it was in 1945. Some of the outwardly visible differences between the Kidd and Fletchers with later conversions and equipment updates are:
1) It still has dual 40 mm AA guns in port and starboard tubs located on the O-1 level below and slightly forward of the bridge. An early conversion of this class replaced these gun tubs with ASW Hedgehog mounts and Hedgehog storage magazines.

2) Main fire control radar is still of the WWII variety. Note the director's array antenna as opposed to the later parabolic type.

3) It is still equipped with port and starboard main deck mounted 20 mm AA guns aft of the quad 40mm gun tubs. Removed after the war.

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Starboard shot
starboard side
vertical shot
4) The torpedo mount is not equipped with a protective housing over its control station. Round silo "dog house" added later.

5) It is still equipped with port and starboard main deck mounted depth charge projectors (K-guns). Removed from others with the conversion to Hedgehogs. Post WWII Fletchers also had the port depth charge rack removed, leaving only the starboard rack. 

6) The hull is painted in accordance with Navy camouflage measure 22, including small hull numbers on the bow.

7) Funnel caps are painted gray rather than black.

main deck shot
the main deck
beneath the
Captain's Gig
8) It is equipped with a port side access ladder from the main deck to the O-1 level between mounts 53 and 54. I believe this was added to accommodate visitors.

9) There is also a difference between this ship and ships with subsequent equipment updates relative to air search, surface search, ECM and radio antennae mounted.

At the time of my visit in the late eighties, Combat Information Center was nothing but a shambles, with wires and equipment all over the place. I was able to help the museum's curator determine what everything was and where it went. I also gave him a complete list of all communication and tactical publications maintained in CIC. 

looking aft
View aft from
the forecastle
 After last setting foot on a Fletcher 30 years prior to my visit, it was amazing how, without any effort, I could remember all the compartments on the ship and how to get to them. It was just like coming back from leave, except the ladders were harder to get up and down. 
5 38's
the after deck house
and mounts 54 & 55
starboard view
starboard side shot

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