USS Cassin Young DD-793
Walk Around

by Bryan Whalen

USS Cassin Young DD-793 in the Boston Naval Yard next to the USS Constitution. She's open as a museum run by the National Park Service.
A descriptive sign with ship specs and history on the dock along side the ship.
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A closer look at one of her 5" /38 caliber turrets and her bank of Mk15 Antiship torpedo's.  These are located amidships.
A closer view of one of ten of her 40 mm  AntiAircraft guns.
This is a 5" turret gun training device.  It was used to train turret crews on loading the 5" turret guns out in the open deck where several crewman could be trained simultaneously rather than in the real turret where only a couple crewmen could fit at one time.
A Mk32 anti-submarine torpedo.  It was "flung" over the side of the ship where it commenced searching for an underwater target based on acoustic signature..  ...not bad for 1950's technology.
A view of the fore end of the ship taken from the bow.  Showing the front two 5" turrets
A view of the aft end of the ship taken from the stern.  Showing the rear two 5" turrets and a 20 mm cannon.
A close up view of one of her Mk9 depth charge racks located on the stern of the ship.
A view of the Cassin Young in the Boston Naval Yard taken from aboard the USS Constitution on the other side of the dock.

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