The ships of MosquitoCon 27 
by Martin Quinn 
MosquitoCon 27 was held on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at the Wayne PAL, in Wayne NJ.   Turnout was good, the quality of the models was outstanding.

Winners included Modelwarship regulars Bobby Cicconi, with a 1st place for a 1/700 IJN Fuso (pre-dreadnought), Dan Kaplan, with a 1st place for his 1/700 Kenyo Maru tanker and Joe Simon, who came all the way from Wisconsin to New Jersey with his 1/350 Japanese cruiser Yahagi.   Joe's model not only took a 1st place in it's category, but won the Best Ship and the Judges Best in Show Awards.

Some of the other models that placed included:
Tony Perrotta - 3rd Place for a 1/350 USS Missouri
Keith Bender - 3rd Place for an old Revell box scale Hawaiian Pilot, which was substantially reworked
Martin Quinn - 3rd Place for a 1/350 USS Haraden (DD-585)

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show.   We hope to see you again next year.  MosquitoCon 28 will be held in the same venue on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

MosquitoCon27_001 MosquitoCon27_002 MosquitoCon27_003 MosquitoCon27_004 MosquitoCon27_005
MosquitoCon27_006 MosquitoCon27_007 MosquitoCon27_008 MosquitoCon27_009 MosquitoCon27_010
MosquitoCon27_011 MosquitoCon27_012 MosquitoCon27_013 MosquitoCon27_014 MosquitoCon27_015
MosquitoCon27_016 MosquitoCon27_017 MosquitoCon27_018 MosquitoCon27_019 MosquitoCon27_020
MosquitoCon27_021 MosquitoCon27_022 MosquitoCon27_023 MosquitoCon27_024 MosquitoCon27_025
MosquitoCon27_026 MosquitoCon27_027 MosquitoCon27_197 MosquitoCon27_198 MosquitoCon27_199
MosquitoCon27_200 MosquitoCon27_201 MosquitoCon27_202 MosquitoCon27_203 MosquitoCon27_204
MosquitoCon27_205 MosquitoCon27_206 MosquitoCon27_207 MosquitoCon27_208 MosquitoCon27_209
MosquitoCon27_210 MosquitoCon27_211 MosquitoCon27_212 MosquitoCon27_213 MosquitoCon27_214
MosquitoCon27_215 MosquitoCon27_216 MosquitoCon27_217 MosquitoCon27_242 MosquitoCon27_243
MosquitoCon27_244 MosquitoCon27_245 MosquitoCon27_246 MosquitoCon27_247 MosquitoCon27_248
MosquitoCon27_249 MosquitoCon27_250 MosquitoCon27_251 MosquitoCon27_253 MosquitoCon27_254
MosquitoCon27_255 MosquitoCon27_256 MosquitoCon27_257 MosquitoCon27_258 MosquitoCon27_332
MosquitoCon27_333 MosquitoCon27_334 MosquitoCon27_335 MosquitoCon27_336 MosquitoCon27_337
MosquitoCon27_338 MosquitoCon27_339 MosquitoCon27_340 MosquitoCon27_341 MosquitoCon27_342

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Updated April 2018