First Annual TIGERCON 2010 - Sponsored by IPMS Central Missouri Chapter. 
by Carl Musselman 

November 5, 2011, Columbia, Missouri
Ships Category
First Place: 1/700 USS Iowa BB-61 (Trumpeter/Skywave) by Carl Musselman
Second Place: 1/350 USS Tampa, CG WPG-48 (1943) (Iron Shipwrights) by Richard Sliwka
Third Place: 1/350 SMS Konig (ICM) by John R. Mueller
Other Entries:
1/350 USS Esteem MSO-438 (1958) (L'Arsenal) by Richard Sliwka
1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Allan Bone
1/700 USS New York LPD-21 (Cyber-Hobby) by Carl Musselman
1/1200 USS Enterprise CV-6 (Revell) by Brian Lloyd
1/350 USS Aaron Ward DD-483 "Battle of Guadalcanal November 1942" (Yankee Modelworks) by Richard Sliwka
1/700 USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692 (JAG) by Carl Musselman
1/72 IJN Mini Sub (Fine Molds) by Jack Andrewson
1/350 USS Atlanta CL(AA)-51 "Battle of Guadalcanal November 1942" (Gulf Stream) by Richard Sliwka
1/72 IJN C Class Submarine I-53 / Kaiten (Linberg) by ? ?
Clipper Ship (Scale ?) (Mfgr ?) by Karina Galve
1/700 USS Freedom LCS-1 (Cyber-Hobby) by Carl Musselman
Dioramas (misc. all scales):
First Place: 1/350 PBR Vietnam River Patrol (L'Arsenal) by Carl Musselman
Second Place: 1/35 "Can We Have Our Ball Back?" by ? ?
Third Place: Bates Motel / "Psycho" (scale ?) by ? ?

P1180157 P1180160 P1180161 P1180162 P1180163
P1180164 P1180165 P1180166 P1180167 P1180168
P1180169 P1180170 P1180171 P1180172 P1180173
P1180174 P1180175 P1180176 P1180177 P1180178
P1180179 P1180180 P1180181 P1180182 P1180183
P1180184 P1180185 P1180186 P1180187 P1180188
P1180189 P1180190 P1180191 P1180192 P1180193
P1180194 P1180195 P1180196 P1180197 P1180198
P1180199 P1180200 P1180201 P1180202 P1180203
P1180204 P1180205 P1180206 P1180207 P1180208
P1180209 P1180210 P1180211 P1180212 P1180213
P1180214 P1180215 P1180216 P1180217 P1180218
P1180219 P1180221 P1180222 P1180223 P1180224
P1180225 P1180226 P1180227 P1180228 P1180229
P1180230 P1180232 P1180233 P1180236 P1180237
P1180238 P1180239 P1180240 P1180241 P1180242
P1180243 P1180244 P1180245 P1180246 P1180247
P1180249 P1180250 P1180251 P1180252 P1180253
P1180254 P1180255 P1180256 P1180257 P1180258
P1180259 P1180260 P1180261 P1180262  

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