Telford IPMS Scaleworld 2017
by Jim Baumann
The annual Telford IPMS Scaleworld show held the weekend of November 11 / 12, 2017 in Telford UK.

Many familiar names from from as far afield as Japan, Korea, the USA, Guatemala, Singapore and Australia, as well as most European countries attended the show,

many of whom successfully managed to bring ship models by air!

Some excellent models could be enjoyed on the various special interest stands as well as traders and IPMS Branch stands.

I appear to have managed to NOT photograph that many of the ship models--due to being waylaid and chatting to modellers.(!)

Fortunately fellow modelwarshipper *Filipe Ramires * did manage to photograph most of the waterborne exhibits
and the greater part of these photos must be acredited to him!

Traders reported as being busy-- Starling Models, Toms Modelworks/ White Ensign Models- L'arsenal , Pontos, MT Miniatures ,
Atlantic models Sovereign Hobbies and Scale Warship being the most notable familiar names

The competition was well supported with a worthy selection of modelships of a great variety of types and sizes,

noteworthy being the really gigantic Landing craft diorama weighing in at an impressive 48 kilos!

Please enjoy the photos- and I hope to meet many you next year at Telford.

Ship Dioramas
GOLD LCT(4) Landing Craft Tank Ian MacGonagle
SILVER Tramp Steamer Induna Alan Blyth
BRONZE USS San Francisco Robert Stubbs
COMMENDED "No Higher Honor" Mariottio Renato
COMMENDED Pobvodnki PO-18 Filipe Costa Ramires
GOLD Chung King Erick Chang
SILVER HMS Naiad Witoslaw Stachowiak
BRONZE USS Blue Ridge LC-19 2014 Maurizio Boverio
COMMENDED Battleship Nave Italia 1947 Maurizio Boverio
GOLD USS Portland Witoslaw Stachowiak
SILVER HMS Exeter Witoslaw Stachowiak
BRONZE HMS Albatross 1942 Przemyslaw Szymanski
GOLD LCS-1 USS Freedom Jan Terstappen
SILVER USS Nimitz Richard Stewart
BRONZE HMS Rodney Jon Howat
COMMENDED RNLI Plymouth Lifeboat “Sybil Mullen Glover” Jan Terstappen
GOLD Le Emer Roy Kinsella
SILVER HMS Brave Chris Meddings
BRONZE LPH-2 USS Iwo Jima Ian Davies
GOLD HMS Grenadier Barry Sharman
SILVER SS Doris Thomas Stephen Newton
BRONZE HMS Vidette Eric Dyke
COMMENDED HMS Chelmer Eric Dyke
GOLD Shinkai 6500 Chris Meddings
SILVER CSS Hunley Jason Morales
BRONZE Type VIIc U-boat Kevin Dolman
COMMENDED Type IXC U505 Shaun Bowater
GOLD Shinkai 6500 Chris Meddings
SILVER CSS Hunley Jason Morales
BRONZE Type VIIc U-boat Kevin Dolman
COMMENDED Type IXC U505 Shaun Bowater
GOLD STS Sir Winston Churchill Jim Baumann
SILVER HMS Mary Rose, 1545 Jim Baumann
BRONZE Tovarish Mark Slota
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Updated 11/17/2017