Telford IPMS Scaleworld November 8-9, 2014 
by Jim Baumann 
The annual Telford IPMS Scaleworld show held November 8-9, 2014  in Telford UK was as ever a real  treat this year. Many familiar names from from as far afield as Japan, Korea, the USA, Guatemala, Australia as well as most European countries attended the show.

Many excellent models could be enjoyed on the various special interest stands as well as traders and IPMS Branch stands. Astonishingly--despite circulating many many times around the huge crowded halls for two days solid...... I appear to have managed to NOT photograph all the ships exhibited by both traders and individuals.

The overall winner of the competition-- gratifyingly -- was a ship model!!! a humble Royal Navy  coastal Salvage ship, the model  was of extremely high quality--completely scratchbuilt.

Please  enjoy the photos- and I hope to meet you next year at Telford.

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Updated 11/11/2014