by Carl Musselman 

Saturday April 12, 2014, Des Moines, Iowa
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Best of Ships: 1/700 USS Virginia CGN-38 (Cyber Hobby) by Carl Musselman
First Place: 1/350 USCGC Roger B. Taney (Niko) by Richard Sliwka
Second Place: 1/700 IJN Chitose (Aoshima) by Rob Folden
Third Place:  1/700 HMS Warspite (Trumpeter) by Jonathan Wilke
Best of OOB:  1/350 USS Robert E. Peary FF-1073 (Orange Hobby) by Richard Sliwka

Other Entries in the Ships Category:

P1270932 P1270933 P1270934 P1270936 P1270937
P1270938 P1270939 P1270940 P1270941 P1270942
P1270943 P1270944 P1270945 P1270946 P1270947
P1270948 P1270949 P1270950 P1270951 P1270952
P1270953 P1270954 P1270955 P1270956 P1270957
P1270958 P1270959 P1270960 P1270961 P1270962
P1270963 P1270964 P1270965 P1270966 P1270967
P1270968 P1270969 P1270970 P1270971 P1270972
P1270973 P1270974 P1270975 P1270976 P1270977
P1270978 P1270980 P1270981 P1270982 P1270983
P1270984 P1270985 P1270986 P1270987 P1270988
P1270989 P1270990 P1270991 P1270992 P1270993
P1270994 P1270995 P1270996 P1270997 P1270998
P1270999 P1280001 P1280002 P1280003 P1280004
P1280005 P1280006 P1280007 P1280008 P1280009
P1280010 P1280011 P1280012 P1280013 P1280014
P1280015 P1280016 P1280017 P1280018 P1280019
P1280020 P1280021 P1280022 P1280023 P1280024

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Updated 4/12/2014