Philadelphia Ship Model Society 
by Martin Quinn 
On Saturday, August 7, 2021, the Philadelphia Ship Model Society hosted a model show and display onboard the Battleship New Jersey Museum.   Models were displayed in the wardroom and on the fantail, right on the former helicopter landing pad, under a large tent.
Due to some unforeseen circumstance, the contest never happened, and the day turned out to be a "display only" event.  There were a variety of models, from plank on frame wooden ships, RC ships on fiberglass hulls, some large scale scratchbuilt models and a score of plastic and resin ship kits, with a few aircraft and armor models thrown in, just to mix things up.   Modelers were also free to roam the historic ship during the day.

All in all, it was an enjoyable day.   But then, any day you get to spend the day aboard such a legendary ship, and be surrounded by ship models and fellow ship modelers, is a good day!

BBNewJerseyCon_001 BBNewJerseyCon_002 BBNewJerseyCon_003 BBNewJerseyCon_003a BBNewJerseyCon_004
BBNewJerseyCon_005 BBNewJerseyCon_006 BBNewJerseyCon_007 BBNewJerseyCon_008 BBNewJerseyCon_009
BBNewJerseyCon_010 BBNewJerseyCon_011 BBNewJerseyCon_012 BBNewJerseyCon_013 BBNewJerseyCon_014
BBNewJerseyCon_015 BBNewJerseyCon_016 BBNewJerseyCon_017 BBNewJerseyCon_018 BBNewJerseyCon_019
BBNewJerseyCon_020 BBNewJerseyCon_021 BBNewJerseyCon_022 BBNewJerseyCon_023 BBNewJerseyCon_024
BBNewJerseyCon_025 BBNewJerseyCon_026 BBNewJerseyCon_027 BBNewJerseyCon_028 BBNewJerseyCon_029
BBNewJerseyCon_030 BBNewJerseyCon_031 BBNewJerseyCon_032 BBNewJerseyCon_033 BBNewJerseyCon_034
BBNewJerseyCon_035 BBNewJerseyCon_036 BBNewJerseyCon_037 BBNewJerseyCon_038 BBNewJerseyCon_039
BBNewJerseyCon_040 BBNewJerseyCon_041 BBNewJerseyCon_042 BBNewJerseyCon_043 BBNewJerseyCon_044
BBNewJerseyCon_045 BBNewJerseyCon_046 BBNewJerseyCon_047 BBNewJerseyCon_048 BBNewJerseyCon_049
BBNewJerseyCon_050 BBNewJerseyCon_051 BBNewJerseyCon_052 BBNewJerseyCon_053 BBNewJerseyCon_054
BBNewJerseyCon_055 BBNewJerseyCon_056 BBNewJerseyCon_057 BBNewJerseyCon_058 BBNewJerseyCon_059
BBNewJerseyCon_060 BBNewJerseyCon_061 BBNewJerseyCon_062 BBNewJerseyCon_063 BBNewJerseyCon_064
BBNewJerseyCon_065 BBNewJerseyCon_066 BBNewJerseyCon_067 BBNewJerseyCon_068 BBNewJerseyCon_069
BBNewJerseyCon_070 BBNewJerseyCon_071 BBNewJerseyCon_072 BBNewJerseyCon_073 BBNewJerseyCon_074
BBNewJerseyCon_075 BBNewJerseyCon_076 BBNewJerseyCon_077 BBNewJerseyCon_078 BBNewJerseyCon_079
BBNewJerseyCon_080 BBNewJerseyCon_081 BBNewJerseyCon_082 BBNewJerseyCon_083 BBNewJerseyCon_084
BBNewJerseyCon_085 BBNewJerseyCon_086 BBNewJerseyCon_087 BBNewJerseyCon_088 BBNewJerseyCon_089
BBNewJerseyCon_090 BBNewJerseyCon_091 BBNewJerseyCon_092 BBNewJerseyCon_093 BBNewJerseyCon_094
BBNewJerseyCon_095 BBNewJerseyCon_096 BBNewJerseyCon_097 BBNewJerseyCon_098 BBNewJerseyCon_099
BBNewJerseyCon_100 BBNewJerseyCon_101 BBNewJerseyCon_102 BBNewJerseyCon_103 BBNewJerseyCon_104
BBNewJerseyCon_105 BBNewJerseyCon_106 BBNewJerseyCon_107 BBNewJerseyCon_108 BBNewJerseyCon_109

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Updated 8/10/2021