IPMS UK Scaleworld, Telford 2008 by Jim Baumann

The annual highlight of most UK modellers and many from all over Europe and  even further afield was  held in three very large halls at the Telford International Centre  in Shropshire UK.

Within the first a large, spacious food court served hot meals, hot /cold snacks along with beverages of all kinds; amply furnished with tables and chairs.
This allowed aching sore  feet to take a rest;  busy shoppers to inspect their latest purchase and meet friends over a cup of tea whilst still being  part of the hurly-burly that is 'Telford'.

The weather was not untypical for mid- November in the UK, drizzle and sun mixed during the day;.... this was not of much interest  to the many thousands of modelmakers who attended this years show to look, meet old friends and buy, buy, buy.... the Traders I spoke to reported a successful show despite the current wobbly economic climate.

Modelers from as far afield as the USA, Canada,, Japan, Portugal, Malta, Italy Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, South Africa ,Austria, Greece, France ,Holland, Germany and many more  made for a truly international show;..... along with the UK visitors!!

There was a vast variety of models shown both in type and quality.
Aircraft of all shapes and sizes  dominated  much of the exhibition space, however this year the  nautical  IPMS  SIG ( Special Interest Groups) tables  set were together in one long row making an easily identifiable  landmark  that quickly became known as 'Ship row'.!

The sheer amount of model ships on display was quite overwhelming-especially considering that many were small ships in 1/700.

The (volunteer!) staff of IPMS UK have to be congratulated on once again hosting another fine Scaleworld event  in such  professional manner

See you all next year!

Jim Baumann

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