IPMS 2004 in Phoenix, AZ 
cw-01 cw-02 cw-03 cw-04 cw-05
Classic Warships with plenty of new resin. Corsair Armada had their new Houston, and J&D Productions also had their product for sale. JAG had their new Bainbridge kit on sale.
cw-06 cw-07 jag-01 jag-02
Loose Cannon Had several new kits
lcp-01 lcp-02 lcp-03 lcp-04 lcp-05
Trident Hobbies was there with test shots of the new Midship Models Destroyer and weapons sprue
ships-01 trident-01 trident-02 trident-03 trident-04 trident-05
trident-06 trident-07 trident-08 trident-09 trident-10 trident-11
Trumpeter has test shots of their new Nimitiz, Liberty Ship and Kutzev
trump-01 trump-02 trump-03 trump-04 trump-05 trump-06
trump-07 trump-08 trump-09 trump-10 trump-11 trump-12
Yankee Modelworks has the master for the new IJN Cruisers on display as well as Decal sets for the 1/350 Nimitz airwings and a bunch of kits
ymw-01 ymw-02 ymw-03 ymw-04 ymw-05 ymw-06