IPMS/Eddie Rickenbacker Chapter Columbus, Ohio Blizcon 2005
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The Columbus, Ohio IPMS chapter hosted their annual model shop on February, 19th 2005. I went down to take some pictures of the ship models, and meet some of the modelers. I spoke with three of them.

Rick Rowan of Troy, Ohio had 4 models in this year's competition; a 1/350 USS Lassen DDG-82 (Panda), a 1/350 USS Chandler DDG-996 converted from the DML USS Ingersoll kit, a 1/500 USS Chicago CG-11 (Monagram), and a 1/600 USS Forrestal CV-59 (Airfix).

Doug Slavik brought his mostly scratchbuilt 1/35 ATC(H). Doug can be reached here. He had a binder with him, showing his research and construction. That hull was milled from solid blocks of wood!

Dick Wood is a familiar name to us around the Modelwarships Forums, and he brought his 1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya). Dick has GMM photoetch, and L'Arsenal 40mm's and 5/38" mounts with barrels. I only had a few pictures come out clearly, but he promises a gallery entry on this ship soon. He has even added the table and chairs from the Surrender!

I also had the pleasure of helping judge the Ships catagories. It was fun, and I have new respect for the judges. It's a lot harder than it looks!

-Sean Hert
Gallery Editor

(Some photos by Dick Wood)

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