1/200 Ships from Germany

We are Mario Beyer, Udo Herre and Roberto Kehr; we are ship model builders from Saxony in Germany. Our main area in the ship model construction is the Pacific war 1941-1945. We build models of the US Imperial Japanese navies. We send you some new photos of models currently under construction.

Yours sincerely from Germany Mario Beyer

USS Portland002

USS Portland002.jpg

USS Portland003

USS Portland003.jpg

USS Portland004

USS Portland004.jpg

USS Portland0041

USS Portland0041.jpg

USS Portland005

USS Portland005.jpg

USS Portland006

USS Portland006.jpg

USS Portland007

USS Portland007.jpg

USS Portland008

USS Portland008.jpg

USS Portland009

USS Portland009.jpg

USS Portland010

USS Portland010.jpg

USS Portland011

USS Portland011.jpg

USS Portland012

USS Portland012.jpg

USS Portland013

USS Portland013.jpg

USS SanFrancisco001

USS SanFrancisco001.jpg

USS SanFrancisco002

USS SanFrancisco002.jpg

USS SanFrancisco003

USS SanFrancisco003.jpg

USS SanFrancisco004

USS SanFrancisco004.jpg

USS SanFrancisco005

USS SanFrancisco005.jpg

USS SanFrancisco006

USS SanFrancisco006.jpg

USS SanFrancisco007

USS SanFrancisco007.jpg

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