The inaugural Micromodell Championship in Poland 1/2 September by Jim Baumann
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Poland has a strong tradition of design and manufacture of Card modelship kits-with the advent of CAD they are ever more sophisticated with in some cases exquisite colouring—especially wooden decks and subtle weathering.

 There are two types of competition class for card modelling,

1}pure card models-although metal masts, gun barrels etc are permitted along with some stunning Photo-etch. No filler or painting is permitted other than  colouring  cut edges.

2)Models which use the Card kit as a base, with the hulls filled, faired perfectly and painted. Parts of the model that when using Card can sometimes be difficult to replicate perfectly  - such as cowl ventilators -  are scratchbuilt or replaced with suitable  items from commercial sources. Models such as these are often indistinguishable as having used a  Card kit as a starting point.

The card models present all fell within  the former category—but were still very impressive. Notable was the 1/200  USS Missouri, the 1/200 USS Lexington, two beautiful 1/200  models of IJN  Oyodo.

Trade support from GPM who had a showcase of new and old card models-not just ships  as well as retailers of both card and resin/plastic kits alongside plank on frame models etc. was well received-with brisk business taking place.

I became, inevitably ,Polish Navy enthused and acquired a number of Niko Models 1/700   Polish navy destroyers… as well as exceeding  considerably my Airline  baggage allowance with copious book purchases…!

I entered two 1/700 models in the contest. In the same competition class as mine were the  simply breathtaking works  of expert modellers  Grzegorz Terpi?ski and  Andrzej Bro?yna, whose models  were almost beyond the pale, not only because they were entirely  scratchbuilt , but because they were scratchbuilt to the highest standards in the mindboggling scale of 1:1000 (!!).

Grzegorz  specialises entirely in WW2, while  concentrates on WW1 subjects. The  sheer quality would be impressive in 1/350-but being  virtually two thirds  smaller again I felt pushed  the  barriers of  what is achievable even further towards the horizon!.  The overall winner of the show-non card- was  HMS Sussex by Grzegorz- and was well deserved.

Photographing these tiny models was a challenge in itself, especially as the models were all in Perspex  display cases ( essential!) – tiny  specks of dust, invisible to the naked eye-appear the size of asteroids in some of the photos!!

I  photographed all the models alongside a tape measure with both Imperial and Metric measurements thereon – these brutal enlargements make their achievements even more laudatory!  Some of the  1/700 models  have been featured in the Modlewarships Gallery—so it was great to see these for real.

There were also some excellent scratchbuilds in 1/400, 1/700  and 1/1000 of some very diverse subjects.

Other models in both solid and card form were to be seen in a variety of scales of Armour, aircraft and Railway subjects.

I would like to extend my thanks to my hosts for the invitation—and I hope to attend again!



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