Dortmund Intermodellbau "Naviga "C" classes world Championships 
by Dave Wooley 
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Here  are  just some of the photos I took at Dortmund Intermodellbau "Naviga "C" classes world Championships Many countries attended I would estimate that there was around 300 models in that event. The "C" class is arranged  into various sub classes from plastics straight from the box  through to scratch built period ships. The photos are is no order and present just a flavor of the event. The miniatures presented by the Chinese were staggering for the wealth of detail incorporated into the models. Most of these models  were around the 1:1000.

IMG_3002 IMG_3036 IMG_3046 IMG_6753 IMG_6754
IMG_6767 IMG_6769 IMG_6784 IMG_6787 IMG_6789
IMG_6791 IMG_6800 IMG_6815 IMG_6823 IMG_6824
IMG_6827 IMG_6828 IMG_6829 IMG_6834 IMG_6839
IMG_6867 IMG_6869 IMG_6873 IMG_6887 IMG_6889
IMG_6890 IMG_6897 IMG_6901 IMG_6907 IMG_6922
IMG_6927 IMG_6937 IMG_6943 IMG_6950 IMG_6980

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