Special coverage of the Ship Models
of the
Atlanta Model Expo 2001
held by
IPMS Northmen and IPMS Atlanta
February 2-3, 2001

Our roving reporter Kelly Quirk is just back from Atlanta, where he reports on some of the fine ships that were entered there. There were over 850 models of all types entered and over 100 vendors showed up. I had to set my camera settings low to get this many shots, so they aren't the best.

First Blood - USS Ward attacks a Jap mini sub
Day of Infamy - Pearl Harbor
Soviet "Romeo" sub
HMS King George V
HMS Royal Sovereign, HMS Warspite
WWII Enterprise
HMS Belfast
USS Missouri
USS Missouri
HMS Sheffield
USS Grouper
Buckley class destroyer escort
USS Louiville
RN Fiume
German U-Boat
Final Countdown 2 - No recall.
Modern Tomcats and Intruders attack the Japanese fleet before Pearl Harbor.
French BB Dunkerque or her sistership, Strasbourg.
The Missouri won Best Ship, you can get the full story on the contest soon at Atlanta Expo 2001 website

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