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USS Oriskany the end
by Charlie Patrick


Here's a couple pictures of the USS ORISKANY as she is being readied for reefing in Corpus Christi, TX. When I heard she was being cleaned up in Corpus Christi I immediately said "I ought to drive down there and see her," and it was absolutely worth it. I believe that there's actually an "observation area" set up somewhere, but the security guard said that no visitors were allowed Monday through Friday (oddly enough I was there on a Sunday), so I parked the car outside the gate and just walked up to the edge of the channel to take a few pictures. If you want to go see her while she's in Corpus Christi, take I-37S, exit Sun Tide Rd, take a left, drive all the way to the channel, and take a right. You can't miss her once you reach the channel.

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