USS Jimmy Carter, SSN-23 at the Commissioning Ceremony by Tom Dougherty
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 The Multi-Mission Module at the Quonset Point, R.I. fabrication facility, as it is being moved to a barge for delivery to Electric Boat’s facility in Groton, CT.   Among other (classified) features, the Multi-Mission Module has been publicly reported to have a free flooding area, purportedly similar to an airplane bomb bay, and can deploy remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) that can dive far deeper than manned submarines.  In the past, ROVs have been used by other Special Operations submarines (USS Halibut, USS Parche) to photograph and recover objects of interest from the ocean floor.  For example, Halibut located and covertly photographed the wreck of the lost Soviet Golf class SSB submarine K-129.  The Halibut cruised at 300-400 feet deep, and deployed an ROV which photographed the wreck at 17,000 ft underwater.

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