USS Jimmy Carter, SSN-23 at the Commissioning Ceremony by Tom Dougherty
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Photo from the commissioning book of the Jimmy Carter immediately after roll out from the Land Level Building Facility at Electric Boat.  Note the shrouded pump jet, the rudders, stern plane and the anhedral fin, from which the towed array hydrophone line deploys.  The Carter is 100 feet longer than the other two Seawolf class submarines, due to the insertion of a “Multi-Mission” module behind the sail.  This module, which partially floods, has advanced capabilities to deploy ROVs and support other capabilities.  The Carter is believed to be the Special Operations replacement for the USS Parche (SSN-683), which was decommissoned in October, 2004.  A few of Parche’s “Special Operations” are described in the book “Blind Man’s Bluff” By Sontag & Drews.

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