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Due to the volume of email we now receive we can no longer answer each and every inquiry, though we do try. There are many modelers who can help so please post your questions on the message board.

We encourage everyone to help us make this site successful by contributing pictures, reviews and providing feedback to help improve it. Manufacturer submitted reviews are not allowed, but previews of upcoming items can be posted. Submissions need not be exclusive, anything you send in is yours to share with any site you chose unless you have been compensated for it. Readers are encouraged to share their photo's with others provided they are the same photo's they sent in and have not been modified by Please do not take files and photo's modified by without first obtaining permission.  By sending in your photos you are granting the right to post them for permanent display on the site. Please note I can NOT go back and remove previously published works as it would result in many broken links on the site.

Also please do not send in someone else's copyrighted photo's without permission.

Gallery, Feature Article, and Review Submissions:
A Gallery has been available for readers to send in pictures of your creations. Each person gets a personal page in the gallery where all their pictures on the site will be linked. If you want your email or web link displayed it will be on this page only. Please make sure you include your name and the name of the ship included in your pictures. Also include the manufacturer and scale. Please, send your pictures in an email, with the images as attachments, by clicking the following link When you click that link please don't change the subject as this will allow your message to bypass our spam filters. Please keep submissions to one subject per email. Submissions should have no more than 30 images total, and preferably around 20. Please, do not use Google's Picasa to submit your images, as it reduces the images down in size and quality and makes them unsuitable. Please note: I have turned off the automatic email responder due to excessive SPAM. You will not get an automatic reply confirming your email was received. Allow 4-6 weeks for your submission to appear before inquiry; do not simply re-submit, as that will delay the processing of your submission even more. If you have many subjects that you want to share, please don't send them all at once. Instead send one subject every 2 weeks or so. This gives everyone a chance to have their ships appear in the gallery.

If your email program doesn't automatically fill in the subject line, please change the subject line to this exact phrase; "Submissions for the site." Also, make sure to answer the following questions;

My name is:                                       ___Your name as it appears in your gallery___
My ship/subject is:                             ___USS Arizona BB-39 (for example)_______
The Brand/Manufacturer of the kit is: ___Revell_or any other kit maker___________
The scale is:                                      ___1/700, 1/350, 1/200 or other ___________
Display my email on my gallery page: (yes or no)
First Submission: (yes or no)
Your Text Here:                                _____Any comments on your ship you wish to share__________

Photo tips: The preferred format is JPG (.jpg), but we can accept GIF, or any other common image format. I can also scan your hard copy prints to create digital copies if you do not have that ability. Most images will be resized and optimized for the web. I will generally crop images down to the subject, and color correct if possible; try to submit the largest, unedited images possible. It is best to name your photo's with simple names without using spaces. If a space is needed then using a dash ( - ) or underscore ( _ ) is best. Please indicate whether you wish to have your email displayed or not. If not mentioned I will leave it off the page.

Example of image names that work best for us are:
Or Bismarck_01.jpg

If your photos and text include step by step instructions on how to build your ship, it will most likely be processed as a feature article. Articles that only include completed models will be processed as gallery items.


Readers may post links to their favorite sites in the Links section. Note: no commercial sites will be allowed unless they are sponsors of this website. It is not fair to the sponsors of this site to provide free advertising to their competitors. If you want to become a sponsor please see the advertiser info below.

Competing Hobby sites are allowed as long as an equal link if provided on their site in an easy to find location. Note do not post links to hostile sites that do not respect copyrights.


Modeling Questions:
Questions about modeling or articles that appear should be posted on the message board. We would prefer that your general questions be posted on the message board as I am now getting quite a bit of email and frequently get delayed in replying to it all. Besides the board is frequented by some of the best modelers in the hobby so you will probably get a better answer there and others may benefit in the answers provided.


Product review and Sponsorship info:

If you would like to see your products fairly reviewed and seen by thousands of ship modelers, please consider sending samples to us. We publish in-box reviews every month showing our readers what they get for their money. So, if you have a ship related product to be reviewed, please contact our review coordinator Martin Quinn for shipping address and details.

There are three ways to become a sponsor:

  1. Sending samples for review. They are featured in one of our monthly reviews. The review includes a link back to your website and info that you supply on where your product can be purchased. No fees are charged here, just the value of your product. Typically our reviews are read by 5-10K modelers (not random web hits) in a month. You may advertise on the forum, but are limited to discussing only the products you have submitted for review.
  2. Paying to become either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Sponsor. Main page banners are ranked by visibility with the top spots (Gold Sponsor) costing $30/month. The middle (Silver Sponsor) spots are $20/month and the rest are the Bronze Sponsors for $10/month. All include your banner on the main page, and unlimited advertising rights on our forum. The forum advertising is interactive as our readers may have questions or comments for you. I do have a good crew of moderators who help keep it clean of trolling and flaming. You can post info about your products and sales as you see fit. Please see the manufactures section for examples of how the other sponsors are sharing info.
  3. Or you can do both; become a paid sponsor and send samples for review. This is the best option for all as it gives us new products to feature each month and helps us pay to keep the website running on a fast server. Sponsors who choose this option are ranked ahead of others in their Gold/Silver and Bronze categories.
Our reviews are read by thousands of dedicated modelers each month. Our audience is primarily ship modelers who visit daily to see what's new. We don't use gimmicks to increase traffic and inflate our hits. We simply update the site every single day to provide modelers with a reason to return often. We try to show modelers what they are getting for their money. Our in-box reviews feature plenty of photos of the parts to allow them to make an informed buying decision. Please note that samples may be sold after reviewing to recoup website costs. If I have a connection with a product that I am reviewing I will disclose it in the article itself.

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